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Current Residence: singapore
Favourite genre of music: pirated mp3
Favourite photographer: peter parker
Favourite style of art: anything dat looks nice
Operating System: xp
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Favourite cartoon character: homer simpson
Personal Quote: if they can do it i can do it too!
time flies by very quickly, soon to come, school will come to an end. although busy n lacking of sleep will definitely miss it , my classmates, lecturers and the people i meet there everyday. the late hours rushing thru last min assignments and checking with classmates what they have done so far on msn. and the early morning of rushing to the printer shop to print out the work n to make it ontime to class. staying back after school n eat dinner at a small cafe. getting coffee n tea breaks along the way. Haha i somehow wish life can be just as simple as that. creating cool stuffs and hanging out wif the school people. dun really need to be worried too much with other stuffs.think i will cry on the day i leave the school. haha.
lately work rate n motivation has kinda dropped. most probably due to complacency and laziness creeping in. New batches of students have entered the school and i must say their works and amount of hard work they put in sure kick my ass. kinda gave me the wake up call i needed. a lecturer of mine also reminded us , why did we want to come here in the first place. wad made us choose this school. passion for art, creativity and the satisfaction of producing good work. his words really sank deep into my mind. reminded me of what i wanted to do for life, create cool pieces of art works and also ignite my passion for it. haha sounds so drama.. .but its true. thats the impact of his words. will try to do something everyday to improve. gotta keep improving n learning more everyday. he also mentions we are so much blessed now compared to his time when everything was hard to get. now all online also can find haha. but i guess we tend to take things for granted and thus slacken in this way. also just happen to read a quote from an art book in the lounge area of school. can't fully recall but it goes something like "the best athletes have to train hard and they spend obscene amount of time on practice, so the same goes for artists, but along the way life takes over and gets into the way of practicing." neville page. such a true and humbling statement and yet v inspiring. makes me wanna work harder
also in school get to meet really cool people. cool in the sense of their personality or how they present themeselves. haha felt so awestruck by them. made me wanna improve my own character n personality. haha they exude this charm, this Xfactor which i find super facinating. Can't really describe in words. u have to be ard them to feel this charm or aura surrounding them. i am super attracted to people wif such personalities. make me wanna become them. but nah, i won;t haha cos i am more of the nonsensical noisy kind haha not those quiet and cool, idol drama kind of guy. haha but i am comfortable with what i am. but just super attracted to those X factor personalities. Make me feel like idolising them or like i am a crazy fan talking to some bigshot superstar. Makes me stammer talking to them. sounds ridiculous.. hahahaha but anyway, i think by getting to know them, it kind of rubs off on to me and make me become a more positive, more inspired person. haha like i hope got such a charisma to influence others in the positive manner. hmm dunnoe how to describe, i guess it helps me out and make me wanna change all the bad habits that i have. hope i can keep in contact with them after school.  makes me look beyond judging people by just appearances. i feel this sort of xfactorness is hard to come by and like dun think you can do much about it to gain it. Its either you have it or you don't. haha i don't. but hopefully i can cultivate and present myself to obtain this sort of cool xfactorness.
ok thats bout it, feel so happy to let it all out. now need to go back to work. hopefully this entry will serve me as a reminder to work hard in terms of work n improve on my personality as well as keep me inspired and hang in there in the creative industry. JiayoU!

220101 12:53am
  • Listening to: -anything to keep me awake
  • Reading: people's personality
  • Watching: crappy taiwan bball drama
  • Playing: nba 2k10
  • Eating: horfun
  • Drinking: milk coffee


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quirkicity Featured By Owner May 3, 2010
FIGHT ON!! Last sem already! crush the final boss!
dabiankwong Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
haha hey thanks! yup hanging in there to crush the final boss! sorry juz curious who is this?.. hahah please pardon my bad memory!!
quirkicity Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
lol nah, just one of the peeps who popped by the openhouse sometime back. crunch time for me right now, then remembered u guys... and u probably have it worse, lol.

So..yeah. fight on!
dabiankwong Featured By Owner May 10, 2010
Oh i see haha. Takecare and all the best for your work too! Let's fight on together haha!
chrisnfy85 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
hi there!!!!chris here!!! XD
el-gallo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009
I like your char designs, and your concepts, make more works, more!!!
dabiankwong Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009
Hi there! Thanks for the comments! I won't be uploading much works for now. I am quite tied down with school assignments. But I will definitely upload some cool stuffs in time to come. You got a cool art gallery yourself too!
KalikooMan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
You´re welcome, gotta look up for your new gallery for more awesome stuff :D
dabiankwong Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
thanks for the comments! glad you like my works.
Jagtas Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
You have just inspired me.. I love street fighters, even though I've never done any art of 'em.. They were somehow complicated but seeing your works.. I'm starting to consider it.

Great gallery as well~!
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